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Ryan Letzeiser – Rent Collection During a Covid19 Pandemic

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Ryan Letzeiser – Recouping Rental Losses as a Landlord During Covid19 Ryan Letzeiser, Co-founder of Obie Risk, discusses the state of the commercial real estate market, ideas for landlords in prepping the 2021 real estate market, while providing resources for mortgage deferment, emergency Covid19 rent assistance, and “cash […]

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Brian Davis – Best Practices When Automating Landlord Systems

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Brian Davis – Best Practices in Automating Landlording Systems Brian Davis, founder of Spark Rental, discusses ideas and best practices in automating landlording systems to assist real estate investors in self-management and building a rental real estate portfolio. Questions Posed to Brian Davis on Automating : 1 Tell […]

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dana dunford

Dana Dunford – Coronavirus Related Tenant Issues and Recommendations

Dana Dunford’s Background Dana is CEO of Hemlane Property Management platform and is an advocate of investing in out of market real estate while connecting investors with local “boots on the ground” real estate professionals. Dana was named one of the Top 20 female leaders and influencers of commercial real estate tech and earned her […]

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edison ave aurora

Is Landlording for You?

So, You Decided to be a Landlord? Why? That’s the big question…right? What is your END GOAL as a landlord? Tax benefits, rental cashflows, prospective appreciation of property, or perhaps it is the principle paydown of your mortgage?  Perhaps…it’s all of these reasons. Rental real estate provides multiple means to grow wealth through the long-term […]

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