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Matthew Riccardelli – How to Feed Real Estate Deals Continually Into Your Pipeline

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Matthew Riccardelli – How to Feed Deals Continually Into Your Real Estate Pipeline Mixdown Matthew Riccardelli, Founder and Managing Partner of Crystal View Capital in Las Vegas, NV, discusses how to source real estate deals focused towards value-add investment and his thoughts in building a team focused on […]

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Brian Birdy – Pets as a Revenue Source When Renting to Tenants

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Brian Birdy – Renting with Pets as a Revenue Source Brian Birdy, Director of Education and Outreach with, discusses best practice when renting to tenants with pets, how to look at rentals with pets as a source of revenue, and educates landlords on the product. Questions […]

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Why Property Management in Aurora, IL is Easier

Here is why Property Management is easier in Aurora, IL… For those that have owned rental property for 5+ years, especially when performing property management in Aurora, IL, the answer is simple… SCREEN YOUR TENANT APPLICANTS However, in order to screen your applicants, you need a solid foundation to assist you with screening your tenants. […]

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Five Ways to Earn Wealth Through Rental Real Estate

Five Ways to Earn Wealth Through Rental Real Estate In conjuction with other investments, the primary benefits of investing in rental real estate is that there are many means in which wealth can be accrued. When combining these figures into a total return on investment, which may be considered the “internal rate of return”, those […]

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How to Perform a Rental Property Inspection

Performing a Rental Property Inspection When Should a Landlord Inspect their Rental Property? Move in of new tenant (conduct a move in inspection complete with photos). When moving in the new resident, our recommendation is to use a property management inspection software compatible with your needs. In the past, we have used the following : […]

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