Janet Fields – How to Interview a Property Manager

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Janet Fields – How To Sniff Out A Lackluster Property Manager Mixdown Janet Fields, CEO and co-owner of Oak Trust Properties, discusses the qualifies, services, and traits we should look for in a property manager as well as how to go about terminating a property management agreement. QUESTIONS […]

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David Spooner – Role and Automation of Software in Property Management

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · David Spooner – Role Of Automation And Software In Property Management David Spooner, Co-Founder of Innago, discusses opportunities in automating self-management of a real estate portfolio and where the future of automation make take us as landlords. Questions Discussed on “Automation in Property Management” : 1 Tell us […]

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Whitney Elkins-Hutten – Insurance Protection As A Landlord

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Whitney Elkins-Hutten – Protecting Yourself As A Landlord Whitney Elkins-Hutten is the Founder of Ash Wealth and discusses her thoughts and opinon on how to best protect yourself, as a landlord, when it comes to personal character traits, insurance, and asset protection. Questions Asked Regarding Insurance Protection as […]

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Craig Curelop – 5 Bad Frugality Myths in Personal Finance

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Craig Curelop – 5 Frugality Myths Explained for Landlords   Craig Curelop, renowned house-hacking real estate investor and real estate broker for The FI Team in Denver, CO, discusses frugality and the five myths he commonly finds around the concept of being frugal while building a real estate […]

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Austin Rutherford – Scale a BRRRR Real Estate Investment Model

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Austin Rutherford – How and When to Scale a BRRRR Real Estate Investment Model Austin Rutherford hosts a team which assists him in the acquisition, wholesale, rental, flip, and joint venturing of homes throughout the Columbus, Ohio market. Austin discusses his BRRRR model and what he considers when […]

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Why Being A Real Estate Investor is Better than Being a Real Estate Agent

Investor Lessons… If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that real estate investors are constantly in an internal struggle to understand if they should obtain the real estate broker license or not. Reasons include: Access to the multiple listing service A better understanding of real estate documents and contracts A means to earn real estate […]

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