Terrance Doyle – Opportunities in Multifamily During a Pandemic

Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Terrance Doyle – Opportunities in Multifamily During a Pandemic/ Terrance Doyle, Founder of the Value Add Real Estate Company in Denver, CO, discusses opportunities, market statistic resources, lending practices, and how he is targeting apartment and multifamily deals during the pandemic of 2020. Questions Asked Regarding Pandemic Opportunities […]

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Paul Winterowd – Multifamily Financing Scenario for 2020

Paul Winterowd Multifamily Financing Updates for 2020 Paul Winterowd, with Bonneville Multifamily Capital, provides multifamily financing to investors throughout the USA. From late 2018 to 2020, multifamily financing has been very steady. With cap rates compressing and international capital coming into US real estate markets, much of this has to do with gauging the 10 […]

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freddie mac

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Loans When You Acquire More than 10 Properties

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae only allow 10 properties…right? Right…and wrong. It depends on the loan value of the asset. For instance, if an investor purchases 10 properties (maximum of 40 units) that are considered residential (4 units or less), then that investor is capped and can not put any Freddie or Fannie properties in […]

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