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Interested in Starting Your Journey in “Buy and Hold” Real Estate Investment?

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Don’t Pay Overpriced Coaches to Show You How to Build Wealth…

All you need is a good real estate broker, who has built wealth through “buy and hold” real estate and can teach you do the SAME THING.


Let Our Experience in “Buy and Hold” Real Estate Investment Assist You on Your Wealth Building Journey:


No Coaching Fees
No Landlording Experience Necessary
Motivation to Succeed Required


Setup a Consultation with Us

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We do not charge coaching fees. The consultation is simply to insure that you display the energy, financial resources, and knowledge necessary to begin your journey in building wealth through “buy and hold” real estate investment in the Chicagoland area.

No need to be intimidated! While our process is an interview to see if you are a good fit for our team, it is also an opportunity to answer your questions.


Work on a Wealth Building Consultation Process

We want to know your “BIG CRAZY DREAM”…better known as your primary goal.

“Your BIG WHY” will assist us in understanding if you possess the discipline and passion to follow through on your goal of building wealth through real estate.

We will then list your resources, timeline, and draw out a wealth building process to provide milestones in the process.


We Show You Investment Properties

Once you have your roadmap, now it is time to start previewing properties that suit this profile.


We Represent You as Broker on Purchases

As licensed real estate brokers in Illinois, we will assist by drafting your offer, attending home inspection, appraisal process, communicating with mortgage lenders and attorneys, and getting your “deal” through closing.


Receive Discounts on Property Management

For every four units we manage for your portfolio, receive discounts in property management services. This will assist you in focusing on the wealth building process and not the “day to day” activity of property management.






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