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Good Morning Aurora with Curtis Jermaine :

Smart Real Estate Coach with Chris Prefontaine:

Straight Up Chicago Investor with Tom Shallcross and Mark Ainley :

Just Start Real Estate with Mike Simmons :

Investing in Real Estate Podcast with Clayton Morris :

Target Markets Insights Podcast with John Casmon :

Property Management Mastermind with Brad Larsen :

How to Lose Money Podcast with Paul Moore :

InvestFourMore Podcast with Mark Ferguson :


Keeping It Real Podcast for Real Estate Agents with DJ Paris

Real Estate for the Rest of Us Podcast with Brandon Reed :

About the Landlording for Life Podcast :

Landlording for Life podcast was created, by Sean Morrissey, as a resource for entry level landlords and those individuals seeking to build wealth through real estate investment. Our mission statement is to assist in building wealth through real estate investment and that’s exactly what we attempt to do through our podcast interviews.

With this in mind, the Landlording for Life podcast is always looking for new topics and individuals to interview that can provide pure value with a minimal sales pitch. Do you a real estate investor we should be speaking too? Add their name to our interview list here.

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