self banking

Mark Willis – Self-Banking (Bank on Yourself) System Explained

Mark Willis, podcast host of “Not Your Average Financial Podcast”, discusses the concept of Self-Banking or using a specially designed whole life insurance policy built on generating cash value to assist in building wealth through real estate. Landlording for Life Real Estate Podcast · Mark Willis – Self-Banking (Bank on Yourself) System Explained

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dana dunford

Dana Dunford – Coronavirus Related Tenant Issues and Recommendations

Dana Dunford’s Background Dana is CEO of Hemlane Property Management platform and is an advocate of investing in out of market real estate while connecting investors with local “boots on the ground” real estate professionals. Dana was named one of the Top 20 female leaders and influencers of commercial real estate tech and earned her […]

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cost segregation

Linda Martin Schumacher – Understanding Cost Segregation for Multifamily Apartment Buildings

What is Cost Segregation? Cost segregation is the process of hiring an engineering firm to breakdown the individual depreciation lifespan of the components to a building so that these components can be depreciated quicker than over a 27 or 39 year depreciation lifespan of the building. Ultimately, cost segregation works well for investors looking for […]

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Paul Winterowd – Multifamily Financing Scenario for 2020

Paul Winterowd Multifamily Financing Updates for 2020 Paul Winterowd, with Bonneville Multifamily Capital, provides multifamily financing to investors throughout the USA. From late 2018 to 2020, multifamily financing has been very steady. With cap rates compressing and international capital coming into US real estate markets, much of this has to do with gauging the 10 […]

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