Stephanie Walter – How to Use Money Like the Wealthy


Stephanie Walter, Founder of Erbe Wealth, discusses her experiences with how the wealthy view money and where our listeners should be putting their cash to best work for wealth preservation over time.



1 Tell us about your background and what drove you to build wealth in real estate?
2 How do spending strategies differ between the poor, middle class, and wealthy?
For rookie investors, what do you believe are the best first steps they should take to view money like the wealthy?
4 What do you consider the different assets to assist us build wealth?
If you were to rank these assets by wealth preservation and wealth building – how would you rank these?
You’re not an attorney, but, what is your experience …. For those of us with established portfolios, what are some options to assist us in protecting that wealth?
What steps or team members do you believe is necessary to hold us accountable for wealth building?
8 Do you recommend any tools for tracking our wealth over time?
Inflation hedging…what is your opinion at this time?
9 What are some of your favorite books or podcasts for our listeners to reference?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?


Checkout more information on Stephanie Walter by visiting her WEBSITE HERE.

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