Bill Gross – The Purpose of Probate in Real Estate


Bill Gross, Real Estate Broker and LA Probate Expert, discusses why investing in probate real estate leads can be profitable and the best means to establish your network to maintain an effective real estate probate lead flow.


1 Tell us about your background and ASSIST landlords build wealth in real estate?
2 What is probate?
3 When does probate apply for the purposes of real estate?
4 Why should investors consider probate instead of other forms of distress?
5 How do investors obtain a list of upcoming probate hearings?
6 What is the most effective touch system investors can use when focusing on probate?
7 What are some of the challenges associated to working with probate investing?
8 How do you recommend investors decide upon a market to invest within when pursuing probate investing?
9 Does probate vary state to state?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?



Checkout more information by Bill Gross “The LA Probate Expert” by CLICKING THIS LINK TO HIS WEBSITE.



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