David Olds – Wholesaling While Specializing in Dispositions

David Olds, Coach for Nationwide Property Liquidators, discusses strategy for wholesaling properties, strategy for evaluating new real estate investment deals that cross your desk, how to choose a wholesaling market, and developing a buyer pool of wholesalers.

Questions Discussed Regarding Wholesaling and Dispositions

1 Tell us about your background and ASSIST landlords build wealth in real estate?
2 Why do you choose wholesaling over other forms of real estate investment?
3 How do you recommend our listeners choose a market to focus their wholesaling business?
4 How should our listeners structure their wholesaling business as an entity?
5 Are there any recommended insurance riders or licenses you may recommend as a wholesaler?
6 How do you like to structure your contracts when wholesaling property?
7 How do you build a wholesale buyer pool?
8 How do you continually develop a buyer pool to market your wholesale inventory too?
9 Any recommendations when it comes to tax planning when operating a wholesaling business?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?

Checkout David Olds wholesaling and dispositions information HERE!


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