Jonathan Klemm, Founder of Quality Builders in the Chicagoland area, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of ground up construction in today’s real estate market along with some tips in evaluating and working with contractors in the process.

Questions Discussed on Ground-Up Construction :

1 Tell us about your background?
2 We are in a hot real estate market…when does ground up construction make sense?
3 What does a real estate investor need to consider before jumping into the world of ground up construction?
4 What fees and relationships need to be built into a model of ground up construction involving city and county relations?
5 How do you finance and refinance out of ground up projects?
6 What is the cost per square foot we should be using at this time?
7 What are the advantages and disadvantages of ground up construction versus buying resale?
8 How do you recommend we find quality contractors?
9 How do we maintain relations with our contractors during renovation?
10 How should we hold contractors accountable during and after renovation is completed?
11 When should an real estate investor consider being the General Contractor on their ground up construction?
12 What is the best way for listeners to learn more about your services?

Checkout more about Jonathon Klemm by clicking the link to his website HERE.


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