Matthew Riccardelli – How to Feed Real Estate Deals Continually Into Your Pipeline

Matthew Riccardelli, Founder and Managing Partner of Crystal View Capital in Las Vegas, NV, discusses how to source real estate deals focused towards value-add investment and his thoughts in building a team focused on culture.


1 Tell us about your background?
2 What kind of “deals” are we referring too that you recommend we feed into our pipeline?
3 What are the best ways to OBTAIN DATA AND CONTACT these new leads into our pipeline?
4 How do you like to categorize your new leads so you have a system of prioritization?
5 How often do you touch each lead based upon it’s prioritization category?
6 What do you like to do with leads that are no longer worth “touching”?
7 What percentage of our total annual budget should be comprised for marketing to new leads?
8 How do you recommend our listeners build their team?
9 Where do you see the real estate market headed in the next 3-5 years?
10 What is the best way for listeners to learn more about your services?


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