Chris Miles – Why Retirement Plans Never Work

Chris Miles, host of the “Chris Miles Money Show” podcast, discusses the drawbacks of traditional retirement plans and how we should be focusing our energy to build sustainable wealth and cashflow through the retirement years of life.

Questions Discussed Regarding Retirement Plans : 

1 Tell us about your background?
2 What do you define as “retirement”?
3 When we talk retirement plans, what do you like to include in this category?
4 Why don’t these retirement plans work when serving the greater portion of US workforce?
5 What should employers and employees be focusing upon when looking to build wealth in their retirement plan?
6 What hurdles or pitfalls should we be seeking to avoid regarding our retirement plan and bearing with recessionary activity?
7 How does one begin, TODAY, in shifting their retirement plan?
8 Would you recommend real estate investors wait for a “cooldown” prior to investing in buy and hold real estate?
9 Do you believe we are headed into a hyperinflation cycle of the US economy?
10 What is the best way for listeners to learn more about your services?


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