Rod Khleif – Developing a Mindset to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams in Real Estate

Rod Khleif, Director of the Lifetime Cashflow Academy, discusses the power of mindset in achieving goals, basics in goalsetting and visualization of goals, definition of limiting beliefs and how to overcome limiting beliefs, and the future of the multifamily real estate market.


Questions Discussed with Rod Khleif on Mindset :

1 You have a dynamic and storied history in real estate investment. Can you provide our listeners a 3 minute overview?
2 What do you believe are the top 3 traits an aspiring investor must obtain to grow into their own success?
3 What do you believe are the most important team members to any real estate team?
4 We are now a few months into 2021. I’ve enjoyed your goal setting activities and wonder how you recommend we evaluate ourselves 1/3 into 2021 on our goals themselves?
5 You often talk about visualization of dreams. What are your favorite techniques for visualization of goals and dreams?
6 What are limiting beliefs and how do we determine our own limiting belief system?
7 What are some exercises you may recommend to our listeners to overcome our limiting beliefs?
8 Discuss what a Personal Declaration of Success and Happiness is and how our listeners may creater their own declaration after this episode?
9 Where do you see the multifamily market headed through 2021 and perhaps the next 3-5 years?
10 What is the best way for our listeners to reach out to you, your book, and your next upcoming event?


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