David Spooner – Role and Automation of Software in Property Management

David Spooner, Co-Founder of Innago, discusses opportunities in automating self-management of a real estate portfolio and where the future of automation make take us as landlords.

Questions Discussed on “Automation in Property Management” :

1 Tell us about your background and ASSIST landlords build wealth in real estate?
2 Let’s talk about the arms necessary for a landlord to self-manage. What are these?
3 What software tools do you see available to landlords to assist in managing these property management arms?
4 What do you see as the role of 3rd party property managers in the age of automation?
5 What automation tools are available to landlords, at this time, to assist in self-management?
6 What automation tools do you foresee will be available to landlords over the next 10 years?
7 How do automation tools effect how we underwrite properties? Cost of management should go down over time, no?
8 Do you believe that “investing out of the area” is more likely with automation of property management?
9 Tell us how Innago can assist our listeners with their property management needs…
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?


Checkout Innago.com for more information on the Automation Tools provided for Property Management


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