Bryan Driscoll – What is the BEST ROI for Pay per Click for Real Estate Investors?

Bryan Driscoll, Landlord and Co-Founder of Motivated Leads, discusses best practices for pay per click lead generation, budgeting for pay for click, and the top three metrics to use when evaluating the performance of pay per click advertising for real estate investors.

Questions Discussed on Pay per Click Services :

1 Tell us about your background?
2 What pay per click services are available to us today?
3 What is the difference between each of these services?
4 What metrics should we be using when evaluating performance for pay per click?
5 What tips would you have to improve our metrics performance?
6 How much should we be budgeting for pay per click?
7 What kind of ROI should we be expecting with pay per click?
8 When do we know whether it’s better to use pay per click or direct mail as a lead generation service?
9 What is the future of pay per click in the next 3-5 years?
10 What is the best way for listeners to learn more about your services?


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