Willie Mandrell – Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Willie Mandrell, Founder of The Mandrell Group, discusses the benefits of commercial real estate investing, his favorite markets and why, and where he see the commercial real estate market headed in the coming years.

Questions Discussed on the Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing :

1 Tell us about your background and what drove you to build wealth in real estate?
2 Let’s go through your list of benefits of investing in commercial real estate and how these compare to other forms of investing?
3 You have 3 secrets of investing in commercial real estate…what are they?
4 What about financing tips for getting started in commercial real estate. Recommendations?
5 Are you a proponent of our listeners learning to syndicate real estate projects?
6 What are some of your favorite markets and why?
7 What are some of your favorite segments of commercial real estate for 2021?
8 Where do you see commercial real estate market in 3-5 years?
9 If you were to start all over again, what would you change?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you and tell us the best way to learn about your podcast?


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