Chris Craddock – Monetizing Dead Leads As A Real Estate Investor

Chris Craddock, Founder and CEO of the Redux Group at ExP Realty, discusses ways in which his team revitalizes old leads and using local partners to match leads with the right source.

Questions Discussed with Chris Craddock : 

1 Tell us about your background and what drove you to build wealth in real estate?
2 What are some ways in which real estate investors can earn revenue?
3 How do we determine is a lead is dead or not?
4 What are the right team members to assist in lead distribution?
6 What systems should we be using to sort leads?
7 How do you like to categorize your leads over time?
8 When is a “dead lead” truly a lead not worth pursuing anymore?
9 What are some of your favorite techniques to generate new leads?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?


If you enjoyed this podcast episode on revitalizing leads, check out Chris Craddock’s website HERE.

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