Chris Prefontaine – Seller Financing in Real Estate Investing

Chris Prefontaine, author of “Real Estate on Your Own Terms” and Founder of Smart Real Estate Coach, joins us to educate listeners on basic terminology used with owner financing in real estate. This includes “subject to”, sandwich lease, lease to own, and how to get paid three ways when wholesaling.

Questions Discussed on Seller Financing : 

1 Tell us about your background and what drove you to build wealth in real estate?
2 What does owner financing mean and why is it advantageous to real estate investors?
3 Do you focus on wholesaling or your term – Assign Out – why or why not?
4 What is “subject to” and what are some of the pros and cons of structuring a deal with this in mind?
5 What is “lease to own” and what are the advantages and disadvantages of placing an option on a contract?
6 What about a “sandwich lease”? What’s the definition and is it fair to say this is a strategy when subleasing a rental property to Air BnB to others?
7 how can someone transition to full time if they would like and have you had students do that?
8 Share with our listeners the concept of “The Perfect Triangle”. What is it and how can they apply it to themselves?
9 We cover the basic concepts for owner financing. What’s the best way for our listeners to get started in using these tools?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?

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