Scott Choppin – Realities of Being a Real Estate Developer

Scott Choppin, CEO of Urban Pacific Companies in southern California, discusses the realities of being a real estate developer and how those compare to those of the everyday real estate investor and how we can evolve into real estate developers as well.

Questions Discussed on Real Estate Development :

1 Tell us about your background and what drove you to build wealth in real estate?
2 What do you define as real estate development?
3 What are the advantages of real estate development versus long term buy and hold real estate?
4 Who is suitable to become a developer?
5 What knowledge should our listeners have before developing a real estate project?
6 Who needs to be on our team as a developer?
7 How do you find your next real estate development deal?
8 Tell us about the headaches associated with real estate development.
9 Books or resources to get started in real estate development?
10 What’s the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?

Scott Choppin has resources to assist you in evolving into real estate developer and you can find them here :

Education Real Estate Development Resources


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