Fritz Ritter – Multifamily Operation Tips in a Tight Cap Rate Environment

Fritz Ritter is a Principle with Kronos Investment Advisors and has built his real estate business on multifamily syndication in out of area markets. Fritz discusses his thoughts on how to operate in a tight cap rate environment with good multifamily operation.



1 Tell us about your background?
2 What markets do you focus in and why?
3 Tell us some of your favorite sources to underwrite locations?
4 If we find a property with a compressed cap rate in our preferred market, what are some ways to make the deal work?
5 What is your favorite form of financing when cap rates are compressed?
6 What ideas can you provide listeners for amenities that can generate revenue and improve NOI?
7 What ideas can you provide listeners as some of the easiest opportunities to reduce expenses and improve NOI?
8 What do you expect out of the multifamily real estate market in 2020?
9 What’s the best way for listeners to reach out to you?



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