Michael Brady – Delaware Statutory Trusts as a Real Estate Investment

Michael Brady is an attorney and Qualified Intermediary who assists clients with 1031 exchanges and directs clients to Delaware Statutory Trust investment brokers. Michael discusses a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) and how to utilize this real estate investment tool.

Questions Discussed on the Delaware Statutory Trust :

1 Tell us about your background
2 What is a Delaware Statutory Trust?
3 Who is a DST a good fit for?
4 What kind of dividend payment can an investor expect when investing in a DST?
5 What advantage does a 1031 seller have when investing in a DST?
6 Are there tax advantages associated to investing in a DST?
7 How can listeners learn about DST transactions available right now?
8 What are some disadvantages to investing in a DST?
9 What are some good resources if listeners wish to learn more about investing in a DST?
10 What are the best ways for listeners to reach out to you to learn more about DSTs or 1031 Exchanges?

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