Robert Feol – “Short Term Retirement Plan” in Real Estate Investing

Robert Feol discusses the myth of homeownership and how to leverage your home as an asset to produce income rather than take your paycheck away from monthly expenses.

Discussion on “The Short Term Real Estate Retirement Plan” :

1 Tell us about your background
2 What are some of the biggest financial misnomers you see in relation to investing in real estate?
3 What about our personal residence. How should homeowners perceive their home? Asset or liability?
4 What about other assets that don’t generate cashflow (i.e. : car)?
5 How should we be approaching taxes?
6 Why does real estate investment make sense?
7 Who does turnkey rentals make sense for?
8 What is the best way for listeners to contact you?
9 Tell us a little about your book…


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