Dr. Axel Meierhofer – Tools to Create Generational Wealth via Real Estate

Dr. Axel Meierhofer, Founder of idealwealthgrowth.com, provides listeners insight on generational wealth building tactics that can be used in conjunction with real estate “buy and hold” investment.

Discussion on Tools to Create Generational Wealth :

Tell us about yourself, your background, and what drove you to build wealth through real estate?
How do you define legacy? It means different things to different people.
What taxes are due effective upon death?
Why is “buy and hold” real estate a tangible asset for wealth preservation?
What entity formations are most effective to preventing being taxed after death?
What costs and annual reports may be due with these entity formations?
Who should be part of our team to assist with legacy formation and preservation?
What should our listeners be putting in place, RIGHT NOW, to maintain legacy preservation?
How can our listeners best educate themselves on legacy preservation moving forward?
What is the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?

Acronym for the 5 Means to Create Wealth :

I = Ideal

D = Depreciation

E = Equity

A = Appreciation

L = Leverage


Check out Dr. Axel Meierhofer’s website here : www.idealwealthgrowers.com


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