Brian Birdy – Pets as a Revenue Source When Renting to Tenants

Brian Birdy, Director of Education and Outreach with, discusses best practice when renting to tenants with pets, how to look at rentals with pets as a source of revenue, and educates landlords on the product.

Questions Asked Regarding Pets as a Revenue Source with Renting Property :

1 Tell us how you made your start in property management and what you are up too today.
2 How does leverage the risk of pets?
3 Which landlords should allow pets at their properties?
4 Which landlords should NOT allow pets at their rental properties?
5 What flooring is best for permitting pets?
6 Any recommendations regarding baseboards or sheen of paint in regards to pets?
7 What requirements should be made of the tenant regarding renter insurance in regards to pets?
8 Any special recommendations when it comes to move in and move out inspections?
9 Any techniques you like to use when you find a pet illegally occupying a rental property?
10 What is the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?

Checkout as a way to assist your landlording skills accepting and properly screen pets!

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