Jered Sturm – Why Making More Money Won’t Make You Rich

Jered Sturm, Co-Founder of SNS Capital, discusses his philosophy behind finding balance between lifestyle and income in the form of financial freedom and how others can put the foundational steps in place to become financially literate.


1Tell us how you got started in real estate.
2Describe to our listeners why money is the fuel and not the engine that drives you.
3Describe the steering wheel to solving personal finance.
4You also made a really great quote in your blog post : If you take the time to gain financial education, if you learn about how the flow of energy from capital works, you can not only control it, but you can also harness it to do even more good in the world. Focusing on the steering wheel before the fuel is the way we do this. Can you provide an example for our listeners?
5Once we focus on the steering wheel and not the fuel as money, what doors open up for us?
6What are some common techniques you have seen others use in an effort to use money as a steering wheel?
7How to you believe we find a balance between money being the steering wheel and fuel to our lifestyle?
8What equation do you believe we should use for solving the riddle of financial freedom?
9What do you believe happens to those that choose money as the FUEL to their lifestyle and not as a steering wheel?
10What is the best way for our listeners to reach out to you?