Tim Bratz – Mindset and Understanding a Real Estate Syndication


Tim Bratz is a premier real estate syndicator who has raised capital for the purchase of large apartment complexes. Tim discusses proper mindset, goalsetting, and the basics behind how to raise capital in a real estate syndication.

Discussion on Mindset of a Real Estate Syndication:

1 Tell us about yourself and Legacy Wealth Holdings
2 What is the difference between a Joint Venture and Syndication?
3 When does a joint venture make sense versus a syndication?
4 What are the four different qualifications to legally raise capital according to the SEC?
5 What is your preferred means to raise capital and why?
6 If our listeners are considering passive investment, what should a investor be looking for in a syndicator?
7 Are there tax benefits as a syndicator?
8 Tell us about how your Group wholesales apartments?
9 Where do you believe we are at in the cycle of multifamily investment?
10 What’s the best means for our listeners to reach out to you?

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