Austin Rutherford – Scale a BRRRR Real Estate Investment Model

Austin Rutherford hosts a team which assists him in the acquisition, wholesale, rental, flip, and joint venturing of homes throughout the Columbus, Ohio market. Austin discusses his BRRRR model and what he considers when underwriting a property purchase.

Discussion on How To Scale a Real Estate Portfolio using BRRRR Method :

1 Tell us about your background
2 What is the BRRRR method and why does it makes sense?
3 How do you find your next deal?
4 How do you determine the if a rehab is too much for you to take on?
5 How do you screen your contractors?
6 How do you determine the best way to refinance after renovation?
7 What are the best means to obtain prospects for the rental of your renovated home?
8 How have you found prospective investors to partner up with?
9 What are your goals for the remainder of 2020?
10 What is the best way for listeners to contact you?

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