There are a LOT of real estate podcasts out there. Some are focused on real estate investment, realtor techniques, land development, capital gains tax solutions, etc.

When it comes to what to listen too and how often to listen to a particular podcast, here is what I feel is necessary :

  • Figure out what your niche will be when wanting to listen to podcasts.
  • Find podcasts that provide CONTENT and not strictly SALES technique.
  • Look for podcasts that provide weekly content, so, that you can get into a rythem of listening to the particular podcast.
  • Reviews mean nothing. Focus on content and not on the opinion of others.

Having said that, based upon this feedback and my interest in developing solid property management systems and real estate investment techniques, here is what I recommend as podcasts that I consider to be the BEST :

Quite frankly, my favorite real estate investment podcast! Keith is an incredibly bright real estate investor who provides a weekly podcast (every Monday) and hosts a range of topics. At the end of the day, Keith is very good in understanding macro-economics and communicating wealth building to real estate investors.

My 2nd favorite real estate related podcast! While for the more advanced investor and focused more towards large real estate syndicators, Hunter Thompson provides phenomenal content. Hunter hosts his podcast twice per week in which one is a 10 minute podcast focused on more self-development and the second weekly podcast is hosted with a guest and provides content from networking to capital gains.

While not focused strictly on real estate, MC does a great job at looking at wealth building for multiple aspects. He hosts a variety of guests ranging from investing in bitcoin to managing real estate assets. His podcast is hosted multiple times per week and tends to provide good content but with multiple commercials and promotion.

Perhaps the most popular real estate related podcast, right? Brandon and David are a ton of fun! The podcast itself is focused towards the entry level real estate investor. While there is a variety of investment topics covered, there is also a ton of self-promotion and commercials throughout a very long episode. Content is pretty good, but, the listener may have to sit through off-topic conversation from time to time.

As one of the best selling authors of all time, Robert hosts weekly podcasts with his wife, Kim. The podcast makes a point of not providing recommendations on specific investments, but, provide market outlook. Some very interesting insights, but, there does tend to be a tendency of doom and gloom approach. While I am not specifically bothered by this, I think it is important to see through this and understand the information being provided.

Focused specifically towards the real estate syndicator, Whitney hosts a DAILY podcast which is very good knowing that he has to come up with new content and guests all the time. Nice podcast, but again, focused directly towards the syndicator.

For me, property management is the foundation of “buy and hold” rental real estate. Brad’s podcast hosts a variety of guests that are focused on a variety of topics relating to property management firms. However, I find this podcast effective for both the property manager and landlord. Lots of ideas that can be shared among multiple facets of the property management industry.

Do You Have Any Other “Best” Podcasts We Should be Listening Too?

Please leave a comment, below, and let me know what you like to listen too and why! We would love to add to our list to expand our knowledge and the knowledge of fellow readers and listeners.