Robert Leonard – Becoming a Long Distance Real Estate Investor

Robert Leonard operates from the east coast and invests in Texas and other markets. Robert goes into detail as to how to evaluate a real estate market as a long distance investor and how to develop a trusted team of advisors along the way.


Questions on Becoming a Long Distance Investor :

1 Tell us about your background
2 What is the first step investors should consider if they want to invest outside their home radius?
3 How do you determine an acceptable market to invest within?
4 How do you recommend listeners source deals from a distance?
5 Who are the recommended partners we must have to invest from a distance?
6 How do you recommend we develop relationships with brokers?
7 How do you recommend property management systems be developed?
8 How often should investment properties be visited?
9 What should determine your exit strategy for a particular property or market?
10 How may listeners best contact you?

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