Best Websites to Review School Performance and Ratings

We all want the best for our kids and to assist in their personal development by getting the best education available, but, are the school ratings really what they are cracked up to be?  As a Realtor, while we can not steer any consumer in the direction of a school or discuss which may be “better” than another, we can point our consumer to the direction of websites that the public finds as worthy.  So, here’s our list of the most common school performance websites :

Perhaps the most popular website?  Popping in your zip code unleashes a flurry of schools that have reviews and are not sorted by district while including magnet schools. provides their own rating and you may conduct a home search directly within the site itself by linking to provides a series of school ratings, but, also adds the number of students enrolled at each school. There are also a lot of reviews and an average student per teacher ratio.

Site is fairly user friends and incorporates other areas of a neighborhood which may play into your decision as to where you would like to live.

However, you can not search by Zip Code – strictly by school district.

Layout is the key with this website! Search by zip code or city and find a list of schools that meet a variety of criteria based upon number of students in school, student to teacher ratio, average standard score, overall rank, and rank change from the previous year.

This website also has the % of children immunized, ethnic breakdown, and you can pull previous years to see how performance compared to previous years.

We hope this information will be useful for your in your home search! Combining school performance, job location, with personal preferences tend to be the leading indication when moving forward with your next home. Feel free to contact us, or start your home search, by reaching out today!