Top 5 Pizza Delivery Locations in Aurora, Illinois

Top 5 Pizza Options in Aurora, IL

As the general public is aware, is not a good option to provide referrals in our local area. Reviews are virtually paid for and reviews can be dismissed by if they do not meet the criteria set by  With this in mind, it’s best to get your rankings from the general public when it comes to pizza!

So…as an Aurora, IL real estate brokerage and resident, here’s our top 5 Pizza delivery locations :

#5. Spizzico Pizza : 33 N Lake St; Aurora, IL

Located central to Aurora, IL, Spizzico Pizza is MOST affordable option for pizza for the value (minus the big box corporate shops). You can order by the slice for a few bucks or get your wings and pizza for less than $10.00/pizza. Serving a moderately thick dough, the pizza is inexpensive but does NOT taste cheap!  Good stuff for the $$$.  If your a college kid on a budget (Waubonsee Community College or Aurora University kids) this is your #1.

Also, their website is fantastic. You can order online and it’s very easy to navigate!

#4. Doughballs Pizza Palace : 40 W New York St; Aurora, IL / 630-844-2505

Located just doors away from Spizzico, Doughballs is located in a really cool building. Their website is fantastic and they offer a variety of coupons for their customers to choose from in securing their business.

But….what about….THE PIZZA?  It’s damn good! Frankly, Doughballs and Spizzico serve up a product comparable to each other – in this blogger’s opinion.

However, Doughballs does target a larger audience and is the reason for the #4 ranking over Spizzico. Meaning…Doughballs targets catering clients, offers online coupons, and even does fundraisers!

My only vice…parking stinks.  If you can’t get it delivered, you are gonna have a tough time going in/out for a pickup order on a Friday night in downtown Aurora.

#3. Mike and Denise’s Restaurant : 1760 N Farnsworth; Aurora / 630-820-7447

I love this place! Mike and Denise’s does a fantastic job supporting the community and provides a fantastic atmosphere for the casual sports fan. However, it can be a bit loud…don’t recommend hosting your next business meeting here.

The pizza is amazing! Serving up a fantastic thin crust and a variety of other sandwiches and menu options. Only drawback with their pizza…no delivery. Pickup only, but, that is OK.  The Aurora location was renovated a few years back and getting in/out is easy.

#2. Ach and Lou’s : 1592 N Farnsworth; Aurora / 630-898-2626

Seems that even the oldest of Aurora residents have stories on attending Ach and Lou’s as a kid.  Their pizza is one of a kind, but in this blogger’s opinion, you either love it – or find it “different”. It is a filling pizza, but, you can be proud to say that you have had pizza from a true Aurora establishment.

Located right down the street from Mike and Denise’s, Ach and Lou’s is a pizza everyone needs to try! However, they do need a little help with their website. Very simple and doesn’t provide the option to order online or schedule delivery.

Regardless, #2 is fitting given the unique style of pizza, location, and history as an Aurora mainstay!

#1. Gourmet Pizza : 9 N Elmwood St; Aurora / 630-897-2242

Located off the corner of Galena Blvd and Elmwood, you might not even find this location if it is not for their new neon sign! Not much parking, but, no matter…THIS IS THE BEST PIZZA IN AURORA, IL.

A little pricey, but, it’s worth it. Gourmet was established a few years back and has grown in popularity on the west side of Aurora. They will deliver and provide a consistent and absolutely delicious pizza that other competitors just can not replace.

While this establishment has a very simple website, they DO have an app for your phone! You can also order online. The owner is just about the friendliest guy you’ll meet and will make you want to come back again and again!

What are your thoughts on our top 5 list? Any you would replace? Leave your comments…