First Time Homebuyer Introduction Video

After viewing our first time homebuyer introduction video…read this :

Being a first time homebuyer involves education before getting started! Our video provides a general overview of the first time homebuyer process to assist all new home buyers in finding the necessary steps to get started.

This includes, downpayment and downpayment grant assistance, mortgage preapproval with a local mortgage lender, parameters for home search, home inspection, home appraisal, and obtaining homeowner insurance.

We believe that previewing 5-7 homes on any hour tour should be coupled with re-measuring the appropriate priorities to find what your ultimate needs and interest are in obtaining your perfect home. However, this is only formulated with the mortgage preapproval already in place.

Keep in mind, when you close on your first home, YOU DO NOT MAKE A MORTGAGE PAYMENT THAT FIRST MONTH. This provides leverage to assist you in leveraging your cashflow and make sure your transition is smooth. Furthermore, while not mentioned in the video, you may ask the seller for a closing cost credit to assist in covering closing costs (typically up to 3% of sale price).

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