Best Websites to Find Your Home Value

With Zillow and in arms about sharing listing information from Realtors and the battle for real-time information hanging in the balance, many homeowners may find inaccuracies moving into the later half of 2015.  Well, there is MORE than just Zillow resources when it comes to valuing your home (in an instant manner).  Here’s some of the resources we utilize :

Don’t forget…want the best way to get your home value?  CONSULT A REALTOR!  Our office conducts our sales analysis market analysis’ via tools only made available to Realtors.  We attempt to look at the home on a price per square foot basis and then factor in condition, location, amenities, etc.

Keep in mind, that hot tub and installation of those granite countertops may not fetch as much in value as you may anticipate based upon sales in your local area and demand of buyers at any given time.  Be sensitive to the “upgrades” in your home and make sure that they will fetch the value anticipated by a Realtor and not just be a “$100/sqft upgrade that only fetches $5.00/sqft in value”.